Remembering The Carpenters


Remembering The Carpenters with Lisa Budin

In the realm of captivating stage performances that pay homage to iconic musical legends, Lisa Budin-Price stands out with her popular show, “Remembering The Carpenters.”

In this two-hour extravaganza, Lisa takes audiences on a vibrant journey through the lives, hits, and untold stories of The Carpenters, the legendary brother-sister singer-songwriter duo.

The Show: “Remembering The Carpenters” is not just a musical performance; it’s a 2-hour, show that delves into the heart of The Carpenters’ legacy. This captivating performance celebrates the life, times, and contemporaries of The Carpenters. Lisa has meticulously curated a selection of hits, including timeless classics like “Rainy Days and Mondays,” “Top Of The World,” “Yesterday Once More,” “Please,” and many more.

Live & Free in our Liquid Lounge

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Remembering The Carpenters