Allure Loyalty Program

What is the Allure Loyalty Program?

The Allure Loyalty Program is a tiered level of membership that can be obtained by any financial member of Diggers The Entrance. Members earn benefits within the club based on the points they earn within a given period.

The more points you earn on your card, the higher the level you can achieve!

How do I reach the different levels of Allure Loyalty?

Bonus points can be earned in all areas of the club including:

  • ~ Food & Beverage purchases
  • ~ Entertainment & Promotions

Present your card to staff when making purchases at any of these locations and you will receive points as a % of the purchase. These points will all add up to be part of your period balance and assist with increasing your Allure Loyalty level.

How can I use my points?

Points can be redeemed within most areas of the club, including:

  • ~ Food & Beverage purchases 
  • ~ Entertainment & Promotions
  • ~ Retailer Cards
  • ~ Membership Renewal

Just present your card to staff when making purchases and points are automatically deducted from your card. 

Pick up your flyer from the club for full details.


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