News - The End of an Era!

The End of an Era!

24/05/16 - Steve's Stories

Steve’s Story!

‘The end of an era’ - At our recent Board Election, our long term Chairman Peter O’Grady was replaced by our former Vice Chairman Kevin Clancy in the role of head of the diggers Board of Directors, Kevin’s Vice Chairperson role was filled by Gayle Gribble, Peter maintains his position on the diggers Board, as a Director.

It would be remiss of me not to commence my story with anything other than the highest praise for our outgoing Chairman Peter O’Grady who performed his task over many, many years, in a most professional manner and was responsible for the overseeing of the magnificent product we have as our facility today.

From all the members of the diggers family, the Board, Management and Staff thanks for your commitment and work ethic Peter, over many years and I am sure that you will continue to support the forward progress of the club in your role as a Board member. Now the trick for the revised Board structure is to fill the very big shoes left vacant by the old regime, all 5 Board of Directors have a great passion for diggers and will give it their best shot on a daily basis to ensure the old firm’s legacy continues on.

2016 is proving to be a very busy year for diggers @ the entrance, with many local and overseas holiday members making the trek to visit us, to afford themselves the luxury of using our magnificent new 52 room Ibis Styles Hotel. Our Ibis Hotel continues to provide diggers with great patronage and our year to date occupancy figures are on average 25+% on up on year 1 of the hotel operation, figures that continue to provide great spinoff for the mother club.

Our magnificent new Barrel Bar facility has expanded our range of goods and services at a level above the club industry norm, our stage 17 trading floor refurbishment program is now complete and diggers can now offer facilities and comfort levels unsurpassed anywhere on the Central Coast. Look out for our soon to be introduced new range of products in Quids, due for install in early June. Currently work is commencing on this year’s stage 18 project most of which will be completed by early July, add this to Feast Buffet and Bites Dining along with the marquee food outlet Coffee Plus diggers is considered not just a club, but the central eating precinct within The Entrance area. Offering a myriad of choices in all forms of cuisine.


Don’t forget for those that aren’t members already of the diggers family and almost 25,000 are, we have a myriad of multi-year bargains of the 3 - 5 year or permanent options, don’t hesitate to join for a $4.40 membership fee you simply can’t afford not to be part of the fastest growing family on the Coast.

2016 and beyond leaves much to achieve, so it’s back to the office for me, so why not come on in and try us perhaps give Bowls ago on what are 2 of the best greens on the coast, or join our Old & Bold Snooker for some fun and games on our great snooker tables, or maybe Indoor Bowls is your go, whatever it is diggers can satisfy your needs but most importantly make sure you catch up and say hi at the Coasts most talked about venue. And on behalf of diggers newly structured Board, thanks so much for your ongoing support, and diggers promises to continue to deliver great things for you our loyal members into the future.