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From the CEO's Desk

05/03/18 - Steve's Stories

Dear Members

diggers@ the entrance  has begun yet another a new year, and we have survived another very busy tourist season in January and have now hit the ground running as to where we want the 2018 year to head. Whilst it’s been sometime since my last letter from my office, at least it feels that way, I thought we’d best provide you with a brief update on what’s happened and where your club is heading this year.

1. 2017 RESULT

2017 was always going to be a tough year both result and cash flow wise as our budget suggested. Whilst we surpassed our budgeted result it was down on previous years. I am able to inform the members that diggers had an operating surplus of $196,833 with earnings before interest and depreciation exceeding our budgeted result. When these are added back diggers produced a bottom line of $2,214,380.

Our cash flow thanks to the ever increasing occupancy of the hotel was strong hence we were able to carry out capital works projects for 2017 including a major commitment of in excess of $1m in Quids lounge including a new system for our installation plus many new machines. Again continuing diggers objective of reinvesting back to the members as much as possible to ensure all our services exceed industry benchmarks.


This year’s renewal campaign has again been strong and we have almost 25,000 in the diggers family. Our membership renewal period finishes on March 31st so make sure you re-join pre then, the $4.40 membership fee remains the best bargain in town. What great value take a look at our competition most are charging any where from $6.60 to $15.00 without our level of facilities or points rewards scheme, so dare to be different at diggers.


Firstly, I would like to thank all our regular diners and new members and guests who come in week in week out and I sincerely thank you for your invaluable patronage and camaraderie. One of the best things about being a chef is the people you meet and food is a great way of bringing people together.

Bites Brasserie have welcomed their new menu which, by special request, has brought back some old favourites along with those dishes that are the flavour of the times in up market establishments.

Don’t forget Bites Brasserie is open seven days per week and is the perfect venue for members and guests to gather. If you’re after a quick coffee and cake, or something a bit more filling like a delicious burger, pizza or melt, Coffee Plus has something to suit all tastes. If you’re super hungry the best value in town with the biggest choice is Feast Buffet it will definitely satisfy your hunger.

We have launched new functions packages with an exciting new menu. Our dedicated Functions girls Kaitlyn and Alison will always ensure your event will be a memorable one. All menus for all outlets, and Function Packages are available on our web site.

I speak for everyone in the kitchen brigade and front of house staff when I say we look forward to catching up with you and tempting those taste buds when we catch you around the Club.


World-wide commemorations marking the centenary of the First World War, continue in 2018. For Australians, this Anzac Day marks the Centenary will be one of the most significant commemorations to take place in the lives of current generations. diggers is pleased to play a major role in not only this year’s major celebrations but many others both past and future. So make sure that you mark the date 25th April 2018, as a day to join the 1000’s expected to attend celebrations and honour all those that made our lives today possible.


As far as entertainment and promotions go we continue to showcase major events on a Saturday night, free in our Liquid Lounge with some major cover bands listed to play over the coming months as well our ever popular Country Music on Friday nights. With Easter almost upon we have planned a great array of talent for you to enjoy be it raffles, bingo, poker, major shows, live bands it’s all here at diggers and almost always free.

On behalf of the Board, we extend our gratitude to all members and their families for the support shown to diggers to date and we look forward seeing you in your club in 2018.

Stephen Byfield