News - November 2017 Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter

04/12/17 - Latest News

The end of the year is near, and for diggers@ the entrance, 2017 has been a tough year as your Board continues to prepare for the future and the ever-changing demands and demographics of our local community, and the wants and needs of a changing society particularly when it comes to their local club.

Our local area is changing forever as we write, and during the next few years with the introduction of new medium to high-density living and changing in area demographics, both in age and the ever increasing diversities in nationalities, it is difficult to know exactly what our community and in fact our club will look like in the next five (5) years but I do know, diggers as an organisation, will be tailoring our operations and organisation to be relevant to these changes.

Whilst they are difficult times knowing exactly the best way forward for our members and guests they are exciting times as the diggers Board and management start to implement our recently finalised one page plan, which will see us thru to early 2019. The one page plan is based on our extremely strong asset base and the very best use of those assets by the Club in the future. Whilst diggers is in a solid financial position, any business carrying the large amount of debt that was required to construct our very successful IBIS Hotel needs to involve a process of change to ensure that such debt doesn’t become too great a burden to bare moving forward. Hence the key component of the plan remains the driving down our current debt level.

With the most exciting time in club land approaching, that being the long hot days and nights of summer! Much continues to happen at diggers, our current operational floor continues to change. We have made a number of changes to the gaming room in 2017, mostly with new and exciting products and also our new E-Bet gaming system. Feed back to our new Allure loyalty program has also been positive. 

With 2017 being a year of mainly debt consolidation, apart from the Gaming room, 2018 is planned to launch a number of new initiatives with our trading floor, suffice to say at the time of writing I am unable to expand on the scope of works involved, guess for now you will have to keep visiting your club to see these changes unfold!

As far as entertainment and promotions go we continue to showcase major events on a Saturday night free in our liquid lounge with some major cover bands listed to play over the summer months as well our ever popular cash bingo, Texas Holdem’  Poker and raffle sessions. With the festive season now upon us, our ever popular Pavillion Events Centre is now almost continually booked out and this is only going to get busier, as more and more corporations take advantage of hosting their functions with us and staying the night in the IBIS. So if you’re thinking of organising somewhere for your next work function, see Kaitlyn or Alison, our Event Coordinators soon and let them take all the stress out of the occasion for you.

Also, don’t forget if it’s not an organised function your seeking , diggers offers a huge choice of cuisine available in our 3 dining outlets, Feast Buffet, Bites Dining and the everyday favourite, Coffee Plus, all with the great menus for every occasion and the magnificent diggers team just waiting to enhance your experience with us.

Also a gentle reminder that renewals to the diggers family commenced on November 1st 2017,  for those that haven’t taken up the multi-year bargains of the 3 -5 year options, I would encourage you to do so, don’t hesitate to renew now , as your membership rights and benefits cease 31st December 2017 , as do your Allure Loyalty points for those in the Topaz, Sapphire & Emerald tiers. You have a little under 2 months to become financial & for a $4.40 membership fee, you simply can’t afford not to be part of one of the largest and fastest growing families on the Coast.

Also it would be remiss of me not to highlight that September 2017 marked the end of the 2016 – 2017 Club Grants year and the start of the 2017-2018 round. diggers is very proud to have provided more than $275,000.00 in sponsorship and donations to local community organisations and continue to operate off the charter that diggers was built by the community for the community. In addition to this in partnership with Central Coast Outreach continue to feed upwards of a 100 people a day thru our food recycle program locally.

Again thanks for your ongoing support, great to see you’re all enjoying the benefits of your place in the diggers family, however I must go now, gotta round up the Board to lock away planning for Christmas and New Year, and our strategies beyond, now where did that time go! 


Steve Byfield