Live Music

Live on Stage!

17th Jan RETRO NIGHT - Vinyl 8.30pm
18th Jan Hard Hitter (Band) 8.30pm
24th Jan ROCK N ROLL NIGHT - The Rattlesnakes 8.30pm
25th Jan OZ DAY WEEKEND - Aussie Most Wanted Show 8.30pm
31st Jan Roxette & Pink Double Header Show 8.30pm
1st Feb Rock Duty Duo 8.30pm
7th Feb COUNTRY NIGHT - The Crooked Button 8.30pm
8th Feb Done & Dusted 8.30pm
14th Feb BLUES NIGHT - Al's Blues Band 8.30pm
15th Feb Live Baby Live - INXS Show 8.30pm
16th Feb Sixties Singalong Matinee Show - Senior Card Holders Only 1pm
21st Feb RETRO NIGHT - Jellyfish 8.30pm
22nd Feb After Dark Duo 8.30pm
28th Feb ROCK N ROLL NIGHT - Jake Rattle & Roll 8.30pm
29th Feb JON ELMS 8.30pm